This widget lets you select 6 out of about 75 gauging stations located in the Canton Bern operated by the Office for Water Resources Management of the Canton Bern (AWA). It displays the river or lake name with the current measure, unit, and date and time of measurement. The date is in the format DD.MM.YYYY.

The widget checks for new data every 15 minutes and reads the data directly from the AWA website. All displayed data are provisional.


  1. Clicking on the Widget title "Berne Hydro Observer" takes you to the AWA website.

  2. On the back of the widget both a lower and an upper alarm threshold can be defined for every station.


  1. If the current live measure exceeds the upper threshold, the displayed value for that station goes red; if the measure is below the lower threshold, it will turn yellow; between the two thresholds the value will be blue. If no threshold values are defined, the value is shown in white. If you have finished entering thresholds, click "Done".

  2. The settings are permanently saved.

  1. Clicking on a station name opens a Safari window showing the corresponding PDF (available in German or French, depending on the station's location), showing a graph of the past 7 days.

  1. Displayed graphs:

  2. River Discharge (Cubic Meters per second)
    in blue

  3. River (or lake) level (Meters above sea level)
    in black   

  4. Temperature (Degrees Celsius)
    in red (if available)


Berne Hydro Observer Widget

Available Downloads

85kB MacOSX only

Mac OS X v.10.4 Tiger or better is required. If you're using Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, the widget installer appears. Click Install if you want the widget installed on your Mac. If you're using a browser other than Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, unarchive and open it to show the widget installer.


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